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Carbon Professional Path (CPP)

The demand for GHG professionals is increasing as organizations are faced with the challenge of identifying and hiring qualified GHG quantifiers. Training and Certificate programs through standardized processes provide credible recognition to competent professionals.


Course Description

HRCarbon‘s Carbon Professional Path will lead you to obtain the knowledge and certificate that demonstrates your competence to quantify, assess and report GHG emissions.

This course will review topics that will reinforce the fundamentals of planning, calculating, managing, and reporting GHG inventories. 

You will benefit from the content cover real-world application of key concepts and methodologies of GHG inventory quantification.

LEARNING OUTCOMES - On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Set GHG inventory boundaries

  2. Plan a GHG inventory process

  3. Explain data collection and organization methods

  4. Use data to calculate and analyze emissions results

  5. Apply best practices to compile and organize documentation

  6. Prepare reports to meet internal and external stakeholder requirements


  1. Organizational, Geographical, Temporal and Operational boundaries

  2. Scope 1, 2 and 3 and emissions sources

  3. Base year recalculation

  4. Principles of Completeness, Transparency, Consistency, Accuracy and Relevance

  5. GHG accounting concepts

  6. Data collection and management, accuracy, and verifiability

  7. Quality Control and Quality Assurance

  8. Choosing, developing and apply appropriate quantification methods

  9. Calculating and analyzing emissions results

  10. Compiling and organizing documentation and preparing reports

The course materials are based on the WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol Corporate Standard, while referring to the ISO 14064 Part 1 international standard for GHG inventories. Please be aware that the material presented in this course was developed to reference the 2006 version of the ISO 14064-1 standard, which has now been superseded by the 2018 version. However, this course’s material remains relevant and delivers significant guidance on organizational GHG accounting.

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