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Carbon Professional Path (CPP)

The demand for GHG professionals is increasing as organizations are faced with the challenge of identifying and hiring qualified GHG quantifiers. Training and Certificate programs through standardized processes provide credible recognition to competent professionals.


Course Description

HRCarbon‘s Carbon Professional Path will lead you to obtain the knowledge and certificate that demonstrates your competence to quantify, assess and report GHG emissions for GHG (Reduction & Removal) Projects.

The aim of this course is to introduce learners to projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions or enhancing emissions removal, such as alternative energy or forestry projects. It covers the principles and requirements of ISO 14064-2, which include determining project baselines, monitoring, quantifying, and reporting project performance, as well as validation and verification requirements. 
The course also examines the connections between ISO 14064-2 and other GHG protocols.

LEARNING OUTCOMES - On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Utilize ISO 14064-2 and GHG protocols to establish verifiable quantification methods for GHG projects

  • Adopt best practices to create quantification procedures in line with ISO 14064-2

  • Understand the adaptable nature of ISO 14064-2 to make informed decisions regarding GHG project accounting

  • Highlight the significance of selecting a suitable and trustworthy baseline scenario

  • Demonstrate the process of selecting, implementing, justifying, and documenting procedures, criteria, and tools in compliance with ISO 14064-2.

  • Prepare reports to meet internal and external stakeholder requirements


  1. Introduction to ISO-14064-2 GHG projects

  2. Review types of GHG projects and GHG Programs

  3. GHG project concepts

  4. Planning GHG project(s)

  5. Initiating GHG project(s) implementation

  6. Monitoring GHG project(s) during implementation

  7. Reporting GHG project(s) performance

  8. Closing GHG project(s) in GHG Program

The course materials are based on the ISO-14064-2:2019. Greenhouse gases — Part 2: Specification with guidance at the project level for quantification, monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emission reductions or removal enhancements

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