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This module introduces the course content to be covered in the Carbon Professional Path course.

Participants will be introduced to the following concepts and gain an understanding and context of developing a corporate GHG inventory for any organization globally. This course follows guidelines introduced by ISO 14064.

Course components will cover the following core concepts:

  • GHG Inventory Boundary Setting + Base Year​

    • Inventory Boundary​

    • Consolidation Approaches​

    • Leased Assets​

    • Multi-Year Emissions Tracking & Base Year Recalculation​

  • GHG Accounting​

    • Kyoto Gases​

    • GHG Emissions Inventory​

    • Activity Data Collection and Organization​

    • GHG Emissions Calculation​

  • GHG Inventory Planning & Management​

    • Business Requirements of GHG Emissions Inventories​

    • GHG Emissions Inventory Framework​

    • Calculation and Analysis of Reporting​

  • Quality Assurance & Quality Control

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