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Sustainability Management Professional Path 

Corporate sustainability initiatives, that aim to balance economic, social and environmental considerations in a company's operations, can have significant impacts on a company and its stakeholders. Sustainability should be addressed in all initiatives!


Effective management is crucial for ensuring that these initiatives are aligned with a company's goals and values, and that they are carried out in a sustainable, responsible and effective manner. This requires a professional approach, including adequate resources, clear processes, and strong leadership and accountability.

Having a seat at the table means having a voice in important decision-making processes and the ability to allocate resources to support sustainability efforts. This is a critical aspect of professional management and will ensure that all initiatives have the necessary resources to succeed and make a lasting impact.


Course Description

HRCarbon's SMPP is a comprehensive course that provides training and certificate for professionals who are looking to manage Sustainability and other initiatives within a corporate setting. 


Upon completion, participants will have obtained the knowledge and skills needed to manage sustainability initiatives that deliver value to their organization and stakeholders.

This course will cover the basics of delivering sustainability initiatives using an Agile approach.


Agile is a project management methodology that emphasizes flexibility, collaboration, and continuous improvement. By adopting an Agile approach to sustainability initiatives, companies can quickly adapt to changing circumstances and ensure that their sustainability efforts are well-aligned with their overall business strategy and goals. The course will review the key concepts and principles of Agile, as well as best practices for managing Sustainability initiatives employing an Agile approach.

LEARNING OUTCOMES - On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. understand Agile approach to delivering sustainability solutions and value to stakeholders

  2. apply Agile approach to sustainability initiatives

  3. develop and apply a generic sustainability framework using an Agile tool

  4. identify sustainability initiatives that organizations are faced with, topics covered will include:

    • sustainability compliance
    • creating value through sustainability
    • leveraging sustainability data
    • sustainability innovation​


  1. Introduction to Agile and Sustainability

  2. What is Agile

  3. What is Agile Lean Portfolio Management

  4. Corporate Sustainability

  5. Introduction to an Agnostic Corporate Sustainability Framework

  6. Value Stream Mapping of Sustainability Initiatives

  7. Sustainability Initiatives and Agile Themes & Epics

  8. Example of an Agile Program Backlog with Sustainability Initiatives


The course materials refers to various sources including Agile Manifesto, Sustainability Chessboard (Kearney) 

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