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Consulting Services
Supporting the Sustainability Transition!

Why engage us? 

We practice what we teach™

Experts in GHG Quantification, Validation, Verification, & Reporting

Develop GHG Inventory

Validate GHG Inventory Expected Outcomes

Verify GHG Inventory Statement

Report GHG Inventory

Developing GHG Inventory

Path towards reducing GHG Net-Zero requires a trusted understanding of your climate impact - our GHG Consultants can help!

Developing your GHG Inventory for an organization or project is challenging. Experience is needed to incorporate the appropriate upstream & downstream value-chain Scope 3 Categories. 

Validate GHG Inventory

Independent validation of your GHG inventory estimates & targets provides a valuable checkpoint towards your Net-Zero Goal. Engage our validation experts today.

Assess & validate that future GHG emissions estimates are achievable based on current & planned for activities.

Consulting to
Verify GHG Statement

Build trust & confidence in your GHG Emissions Statement. Stakeholders are demanding GHG Emission statements are independently verified. 

Trust us with your GHG Statement. We take seriously the knowledge that your organization's reputation is at stake. Our meticulous approach & attention to detail ensure that your emissions data is thoroughly vetted by evaluating evidence-gathering activities, applying & verifying quality controls governed by quality assurance principles. Arriving at an informed (verification) Issuance of Opinion that stakeholders can trust.

Reporting GHG Inventory

Ensure you are reporting the GHG Inventory appropriately.

  • Reporting to internal stakeholders is different to reporting to external stakeholders.

  • Reporting to regulatory stakeholders can be different to reporting to voluntary stakeholders.

Getting this correct is of utmost importance.

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