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Professional Pa
th (WPP)

Sustainability Professionals are being tasked with measuring an organizations Water Footprint. The ISO Standard 14046, titled ‘Environmental management-Water footprint-Principles, requirements and guidelines,’ will enable governments, the private sector, civil society and others to measure and report on the potential environmental impact of water use and pollution.

HRCarbon offers the Water Professional Path course. Water is increasingly on the sustainability agenda of organizations, stressing that a water footprint assessment can help guide companies towards good water stewardship strategies and reduce climate related risk to their organization.


Course Description

HRCarbon‘s Water Professional Path will lead you to obtain the knowledge and certificate that demonstrates your competence to quantify, and develop Water Footprints.

This course will review topics that will introduce the fundamentals water footprints incorporating guidance from ISO 14046. 

LEARNING OUTCOMES - On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. assess potential water-related environmental impacts;

  2. identify ways to reduce these impacts;

  3. facilitate optimization of water management and water efficiency at organizational, process and product levels;

  4. produce scientifically consistent and reliable information for reporting water footprint results that can be tracked over time.


  1. Business and Water Risk

  2. Challenges in water accounting

  3. GHG & Water Footprints a comparison

  4. What is ISO

  5. ISO Standard Structure

  6. Water Footprint Dimensions

  7. Boundary and Scope of Water Footprints

  8. Water Assessment/Footprint Terms and Definitions

  9. Water Assessment/Footprint Planning, Execution & Reporting

  10. Measurement Framework

  11. Water Assessment Inventory Calculation and Assessment

The course materials refers to the ISO 14046 Environmental management-Water footprint-Principles, requirements & guidelines.

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